Why You Should Buy a Dash Cam


A dashboard camera or dash cam for short is a device which allows you to record your commutes on a day to day basis. It's basically a second set of eyes in your vehicle which can be reviewed afterwards. Prices will vary depending on the quality and will range anywhere from $25 to over $1000. Beyond quality, a variety of options are also available such as a light, infrared sensors, provisions for more than one camera, global positioning system (GPS), g-force meter, etc. When purchasing a dash cam, be sure to read the reviews and YouTube is also filled with a large database of sample footage as well. Here I will be providing ten reasons as to why you should own a dash cam.

Reason #1

While any accident is investigated by the police, errors can occur especially when two or more parties are fighting against each other and the authorities are also having to reply on witnesses if any. A dash cam is 100% proof of exactly what happened in the incident, therefore no room for lying. If someone leaves the scene of an accident, the authorities can have a proper description of the vehicle including make, model, color, and license plate. Just make sure you do have a good quality dash cam which is able to read a license plate clearly.

Reason #2

Perhaps you're driving one day and an officer pulls you over, stating that you committed a traffic violation. They may have stated you ran a red light, went through a stop sign, improper lane change, etc. Even with some of the more modern dash cams, they are able to monitor your speed through GPS and there are situations where radar detectors have been proven to be improperly calibrated. This evidence recorded by the dash cam can be presented to the officer or used to fight the ticket in court.

Reason #3

There is certainly not any shortage of bad drivers or road rage on the roads, therefore it's always nice to have a back up to provide proof of this to the authorities when reporting a bad driver. Reporting a bad driver not only keeps you safe, but other fellow motorists on the road as well. Even if you are required to take note of a license plate number, beyond using the video feature, you are also able to speak the plate number which will be recorded on the dash cam's audio feature.

Reason #4

Does someone other than you drive your vehicle or do you own company vehicle? Use a dash cam to monitor someone's driving habits whether it's your child, other family members, friends, or employees. Regardless of what they say, you have video proof of exactly what happened when they were on the road.

Reason #5

Unfortunately this issue is on the rise where people are trying to scam fellow citizens through insurance fraud. This includes property damage, vehicle accidents, or even pedestrians jumping out in front of a moving vehicle. While you may know exactly what happened, your words aren't necessarily enough to prove your side of the story. But with video evidence, it's hard to venture away from truth.

Reason #6

Why not capture those fun moments of a road trip. Personally I have used my dash cam for this in the past on a weekend road trip with a bunch of friends, cruising some scenic roads on a nice summer's day. It's extremely easy to setup and you don't need to fiddle around with your phone while on the road.

Reason #7

If you're a car enthusiast such as myself, then this one applies to you! Record a track event, whether it's a lapping session or running the quarter miles at the drag strip. You're not only able to capture the day, but analyze your data such as g-force, GPS mapping, lap times, and critique your racing lines. Then if you have an action camera such as a GoPro, well this will free up it's usage to install somewhere else on the vehicle.

Reason #8

Keep an eye on your vehicle in a public. While you may try everything to keep your car in pristine condition, incidents do happen. Whether that's someone denting your door, running into your vehicle, keying the paint, or even worse, theft. As long as that camera stays intact and it has a good view of the person committing the damage, then the appropriate actions can be taken. Whether that's making an insurance claim, contacting the authorities, or negotiating something in person.

Reason #9

While monitoring your vehicle in a public space is important, you can also monitor your home or driveway at home. Vandalism or theft can occur on your own property either during the day or at nice and this is certainly a much cheaper method than purchasing a home surveillance system. Just be sure you have purchased a dash cam which is able to function correctly at night. Sometimes you can also use the assistance of a street light, exterior motion light, or just a switchable motion light to improve video footage.

Reason #10

One day you could be driving along and something unexpected can occur. This can include a natural cause such or some from a fellow motorist. These situations can happen when it's least expected and if it's captured on video, you're able to share it with your family and friends on social media. It might even go viral on YouTube.