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    should you learn how to repair a car truck van suv This is definitely an article for individuals who are fairly new or wanting to repair their own vehicle. For a good portion of my childhood, being the son of a mechanic I was always exposed to automotive repairs. READ MORE
    January 23, 2017
    what is the difference between an automatic transmssion and a manual transmission Automatic or manual transmission, which is the best option for you and perhaps the best option for your vehicle. There can be many advantages or disadvantages over either option, so in this article I will be discussing each in depth. READ MORE
    January 20, 2017
    Auxbeam light bar installation on a Ford Ranger with plans and video Blueprints for a grill mounted light bar specifically designed for a Ford Ranger. This bracket was also designed around the 22" 5D LED light bar made by Auxbeam. READ MORE
    June 13, 2017
    What it's like to drive a manual car compared to an automatic Driving a manual is not necessarily an acquired preference for everyone, but to say the least I find it allows the user to have that added connection to their vehicle. READ MORE
    March 27, 2017
    Free shed wooden shed blueprints to build your own at home and save money 4 x 8 wood shed blueprints. 8'-3" x 4'-3" x 8'-6" (length x width x height), 2x4 wood frame construction, non insulated, one door, 4" horizontal wood siding. READ MORE
    March 18, 2017
    How to build your own workshop plans in your backyard and save money 8 x 10 wood shed blueprints. 8'-1" x 9'-9" x 10'-5" (length x width x height), 2x4 wood frame construction, non insulated, one door, shiplap plywood siding. READ MORE
    March 18, 2017
    Top 12 things which can damage your vehicle's paint 12 Things That can Damage Paint - In order to protect that perfect flawless paint finish on your vehicle, there are a number of things which need to be taken into consideration. READ MORE
    September 7, 2016
    Why it's important to own a digital dashboard camera and how to set it up Why You Should Buy a Dash Cam - A dashboard camera or dash cam for short is a device which allows you to record your commutes on a day to day basis. READ MORE
    September 7, 2016
    What items you should keep in your vehicle in the winter to ensure safety 10 Items to Keep in Your Vehicle During the Winter - Now that we are currently in the winter season, it is very important to be prepared for any emergency situations - READ MORE
    January 6, 2016
    All videos now feature a "MORE INFORMATION" link which includes a full video description, tools/supplies required for each project, and a text outlined procedure.
    January 3, 2016
    Imperial standard sae drill index chart fraction to decimal Drill Index Chart (SAE) - READ MORE
    January 2, 2016
    What is the torque values for your spark plugs Spark Plug Torque Specifications - READ MORE
    January 2, 2016
    Imperial standard sae tap and drill threading index chart Tap & Drill Index Chart (SAE) - READ MORE
    January 2, 2016